Monday, August 10, 2009

Juggling Anyone?

Have you ever wondered how to juggle? Have you ever thought it would be too much trouble to learn? Well you've come to the wrong place. Juggling is hard, and takes months, often times years of practice. It helps if you have good hand eye coordination and diligence.

To begin juggling, you will need three balls. They will need to be about the same weight, and size. The ones I have are made especially for juggling(above).

To begin juggling, take one ball in your dominate hand. Then just throw it to your opposite hand. Now don't throw it to high or to low. Throw the ball about eye level. Remember, the higher you throw the ball, the more out of control it will be, even though it is slower. Of course the lower you throw the ball, the more control over the ball you have, but it goes faster. Now this will begin to get very boring after a while. But you must do this for a long time, from one hand to the other.

Now after you have done this for forever, take a second ball! I know this might seem impossible, but it's the next step to becoming a first class juggler. OK, take the second ball in the opposite hand, so you have a ball in each hand. Now here is the tricky part! Throw the ball in your dominate hand to your non-dominate hand. But right before you catch it, throw the other ball to your other hand!!(like this) :

Now make sure you don't do this:

This is completely wrong! This is not juggling! Like in the earlier example, you throw the ball up, not across! After you do this for along time, your back will be hurting, because you have had to bend over to get your fallen balls. Solution? Easy, stand in front of a normal height bed so that when you drop a ball, it will fall(hopefully) within reach. Practice this till you can do it with both of your hands.

After you have done this for forever, do it some more. Then once you are master at this, pick up the third ball! (If you just said uh-oh here's the hard part, then go and practice the last step a few more times) OK, so now you are going to want to take two balls in your dominate hand. The other will be in your non-dominate hand. Now here's the hard part(uh-oh, now I gotta go practice some more!). Throw the extra ball that you have in your dominate hand, and throw it to your other hand. Then just repeat the last step. So now you should have the ball that was in your non-dominate hand, flying toward your dominate hand!! Then repeat the last step! Do you see the pattern yet(if not go back and read this again, slower!)? It should look something like this:


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mom's Garden

My mom has recently been doing a garden. She is doing the Square Foot Garden. This is where you take four 2 by 4s and nail them together to make a square. You then fill it with soil and put the desired seed into it. Some of the vegetables we are growing are tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. We are also doing some herbs, such as oregano, basil, thyme, and garlic.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here I am riding my unicycle. We had gone to the park with some friends, and I wanted to show them my newly learned skill.

I especially like this pic.